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Environment Initiatives: How Corosoft contributes to a greener future

Corosoft strives to protect the environment through a number of measures. We maintain recycling programs at our facilities to encourage conservation and re-use. Office temperatures, heating/cooling systems, and window shading is carefully regulated to control and optimize natural solar heating effects. Our sites also follow procedures for energy conservation including a “lights-out” policy for all not-in-use conference rooms and spaces. Minimal artificial lighting and maximum natural lighting is also practiced during daylight hours. Safety of our working environment is ensured through the use of office equipment that is compliant with Energy Star ratings and certified for low emissions. Corosoft has also implemented a “Green Carbon Pledge” aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of our facilities as well as increase the energy efficiency of our work environments.

  • In 2011, over 2,000 Corosoft employees participated in the World Wild Foundation’s “Earth Hour” to study climate change with volunteers from all over the world.

We support public transportation by providing daily shuttles for employee transportation between offices and subway stations. In addition, buses are chartered by Corosoft and run during morning and evening commute times to carry employees to and from work. The company has also installed video-conference facilities at its offices to help reduce the need for air travel. Corosoft makes an effort to use recyclable products and materials in our offices worldwide. These practices help us provide for the needs of our employees, while at the same time contributing to the cause for a greener environment. We thank our employees and customers for supporting us in these efforts.

Green IT: How can Corosoft make your future greener?

Corosoft’s Green IT consulting services will help you reduce your carbon footprint while significantly cutting overhead costs and improving the bottom line. Our consulting teams work to determine the smartest and most efficient resource allocation plan so that IT assets deliver the most value for the least cost.

Corosoft has solid experience working with some of the biggest names in server virtualization. Our exclusive Offshore Development Center (ODC) for a market-leading virtualization software firm provides R&D services for flagship virtualization products. Through virtualization, hundreds of servers can be reduced to just a handful, reducing energy consumption, space cooling needs, and general IT expenditures. The end result is an environmentally-friendly solution of improved IT functionality with greatly reduced costs.

Implementing a green IT strategy not only helps transform your company into a more sustainable and socially responsible corporate player, it also creates the basis to become a more profitable enterprise. From virtualization and algorithmic efficiency to cloud computing and power management, Corosoft contributes IT knowledge and experience to dramatically reduce carbon emissions and IT expenditures at both our offices and those of our clients.