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Call Center

Corosoft’s BPO Call Center solution is built on a SaaS platform and seamlessly integrates with telecom operator services to help small and mid-size tenants rapidly deploy a reliable, on-demand, 24/7 call center. Our SaaS-based BPO Call Center solutions provide complete functionality and feature sets common to high-end legacy systems, such as conference, transfer, customer management, product management, order management, knowledge management, carrier-class security and stability. Independently developed in-house, our BPO Call Center solution is ideal for multi-tenant environments ranging from a large tenant with complex business logic to many small and mid-size tenants with distinct business requirements. The solution also supports heterogeneous database architectures in distributed, centralized or convergent call centers. Since our BPO Call Center solution follows a SaaS model, users control costs by subscribing to SaaS or Call Center business services and pay for usage.

Via rapid on-line provisioning, tenants can set up a call center agent environment and an operation support system provided by BPO operators.

Voice Function Module

  • Integrated telephone inbound, outbound, transfer, conference, hold, display caller ID and all call control functions
  • Free queue management, integrated telephone queuing functionality on IPCC platform
  • Agent grouping, login and logout queue
  • Recording and QA

Business Function Module

  • Management and set permissions for agent/system user/administrator roles
  • Management enterprise contacts and groups
  • Contact history management and customer contact management
  • Blacklist management
  • Outbound and campaign management
  • Configurable screen popup page and 3rd party data integration
  • Reporting tools and export function

Advanced Business Function Module

  • Scalable, configurable product management and order generation/audit function
  • Scalable form templates and Configurable workflow system
  • Knowledge management
  • Provides a variety of pre-defined industry templates

Software Usability

  • Wizard-style configuration user interface
  • Windows 7-style navigation bar

Corosoft’s SaaS-based Call Center solution eliminates the hardware and software expense typically associated with call center management, requiring only a network connection for agents and administrators, which greatly reduces the time and cost of establishing and managing a call center. Low construction cost, zero initial investment with powerful extensibility.

More open, user-friendly interface with third-party systems, and seamless integration with enterprises CRM, ERP and other management systems

Business function on-demand

Short construction period, and more flexible deployment

System is more secure and stable

Low maintenance cost

Call Center Solutions Customer Value

  • Customer Management: End-users can achieve unified management, assignment, and follow-up of all inbound requests; and help sales representative to develop a large number of potential clients by outbound and campaign functions.
  • Brand Image: By leveraging a unified phone number, the end-users can strengthen their brand image though a customized phone line set-up, telephone distribution strategies, and IVR call flow.
  • Proactive Marketing: By allocating customer lists on a BPO system, an enterprise can manage and control the entire marketing process.
  • Self-Service: Via a simple setup wizard on the BPO system, enterprises can set their own voice processes to improve service satisfaction.
  • Customer Support: With the BPO solution, agents can provide professional service to their clients with a variety of tools including customer contact management, knowledge base, workflow engine and voice recording.
  • Knowledge Management: Through integration with an efficient search engine, users can provide easy access to the knowledge search capabilities. This integration can also help enterprises accumulate knowledge and documentation, reduce training costs, and improve service quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Performance Management: By analyzing agent reports and business reports on the BPO system, enterprises can do comprehensive performance evaluations for marketing and customer service agents.
  • Quality Assurance: Sophisticated reporting and voice log check tools on the BPO system enable enterprises to control and manage the entire selling and communication process from start to finish. Enterprises can also monitor customer service quality in real-time to improve service levels – such as promptly following up on customer feedback.