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SOA offers a method for better integrating people, processes and systems to meet business needs by reusing existing assets. A business-driven IT architectural approach, SOA supports the creation of business processes as a set of linked and repeatable business services. It provides the platform and foundation through which essential business services are delivered. SOA enables organizations to be agile, with the flexibility to adopt new business strategies and create new services that overcome the challenges often encountered in today’s dynamic business environment. Corosoft provides planning, design, development, and implementation services of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions for both large and small companies spanning multiple industry sectors.

Light-weight and Agile SOA

Have you been challenged by SOA? There are many organizational, architectural, and implementation difficulties associated with adopting SOA. To reduce SOA complexity and up-front investment, Corosoft introduced a light-weight SOA which is less restrictive and helps clients achieve business outcomes in an agile format.

Representational State Transfer (“REST”)

Corosoft’s “REST” SOA applies a collection of principals that are technology independent, with a basis in HTTP as the sole requirement.

  • Components of the system communicate through interfaces with clearly defined methods and dynamic code
  • Uniquely identify each component via a hypermedia link (URL)
  • Adhere to a client/server architecture (web browser and web server)
  • Stateless communication
  • Tiered architecture, data can be cached at any layer

SOA Exploration

SOA is a journey. Understanding where you are on this journey is an important factor in the success of any SOA project. Corosoft can help companies assess their readiness by facilitating workshops with both business and IT. These workshops will help identify gaps as well as provide vital input into business case development including funding models and stakeholder buy-in.

Planning and Design

We can also help define the appropriate governance framework required to ensure the success of any SOA implementation. This ensures that assets and artifacts within the architecture are acting as expected and that a certain level of quality is maintained.


Corosoft has a unique methodology developed from extensive experience in the field of SOA solution implementation. We have also utilized virtualization to streamline development as well as the testing and deployment of complex infrastructure. Through the use of our advanced tools and the capabilities of our talented people, Corosoft can enable organizations to increase productivity and operational efficiency while reducing implementation cycles and time-to-market.

Solution Features

Corosoft SOA solutions provide businesses with the most advanced SOA ESB platforms available on the market today. These solutions are designed to support multiple ways of building and packaging services, and also connect and integrate various legacy systems and third-party software. Platforms support both the standards and third-party products of service registration and discovery. They also function flawlessly with SOA service governance, service delivery, and life cycle management of security policy. Finally, Corosoft SOA solutions provide convenient and powerful service monitoring measures, including business activity monitoring tools and rule engines.

Customer Value

A client needs more than just a top of the line SOA platform. In order to create maximum value, an experienced professional team with an understanding of your businesses and technologies is needed to stand behind the SOA-structured IT systems that are developed. For years our team has conducted successful SOA implementations, and this experience enables Corosoft customers to leverage efficiencies in non-uniform system integration, global monitoring, and the administration of enterprise applications and maximal system reuse to quickly build and implement new applications.