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Software AG

Process improvements never reach full potential without combining people, processes, and IT into a holistic business process management (BPM) program. Enterprise BPM from Software AG makes your processes transparent, efficient, and agile. With the right BPM solution, your organization can realize lower costs, higher throughput, and faster reaction times. Corosoft partners with Software AG to automate your business processes and help you outperform the competition. We can implement and support a Software AG solution with everything your company needs, including: technology, best practices, and tailored content.

Corosoft has the business process expertise needed to achieve process excellence across the entire business process management life-cycle. Corosoft’s BPM services help clients align high level processes and technical requirements to realize the full value of Software AG solutions.

  • Corosoft and Software AG partner to help our clients reach a higher level of efficiency, improve customer service, assure consistency, and avoid manual errors.
  • The Software AG solution gives business and IT processes the tools needed to collaborate for true end-to-end process improvement, guided by strong process governance.
  • Software AG solutions allow Corosoft’s clients to see the value chain in real time, across people, systems, and organizations.
  • Corosoft partners with clients to address organizational change management challenges with measurable objectives. Our consultants follow structured, proven methodologies to create and manage robust Business Process Management initiatives and programs for our clients.