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Corosoft serves many Fortune 500 organizations and hundreds of enterprises globally. With dedicated business and technology consultants in Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe, and over 15 years of experience in consulting services, large-scale banking system development, implementation, and support, Corosoft is uniquely positioned to provide solutions to the banking and financial service industry to help our clients capture market opportunities and improve efficiency.

The banking and financial services industry in both developed and developing countries faces challenges and opportunities brought about by advances in technology. Within developed markets, the unrelenting pressure to introduce banking services built around each new generation of technology requires institutions to build competence, deployment, and maintenance capabilities for a myriad of rapidly evolving technologies. For banking and financial service businesses in developing markets, there is an increasing need to move quickly to capture rapidly changing market opportunities. These businesses require ready access to the latest technologies and industry best practices to achieve competitive operations, strong risk control and analysis, and proactive customer relationship management.

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