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Corosoft is one of Asia’s leading providers of e-business solutions and information integration services and one of the top IT services partners to the insurance industry, transforming existing IT infrastructure by leveraging the latest open standard technologies to improve business processing efficiency. Corosoft’s Guangzhou facility alone is responsible for over 2,160,000 transactions each year and has become a global center for insurance companies wishing to improve profitability.

While the insurance industry is rapidly expanding, there are a number of challenges affecting business profitability and operational efficiency. Such challenges include meeting the increasingly complex needs of customers while simultaneously providing support and bringing new products to market. Insurance companies must also adapt to new legislation and standards, as well as deploy new information systems to replace aging technologies and find sufficient sources of skilled people.

The complexity and costs involved in processing an increasing number of applications, terminations, claims, and related administrative work have grown beyond the ability of some insurance companies to manage internally. Corosoft improves efficiency within the insurance industry with specialized business processing centers that manage the entire processing cycle while also reducing costs, allowing clients to focus their energy and resources on improving profitability and maximizing business growth.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Application Underwriting
  • Data Entry & Initial Validation: including new application, enrollment, termination, record maintenance & annuity maturity
  • Policy Inquiry, Policy Check and Policy Shipment
  • Application Reception: including new application and scan / indexing
  • Client Relationship Management