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Telecommunication & Mobile

Telecommunication Expertise

From new regulations and industry restructuring, to increased customer receptivity and intense competition, the telecommunications industry is faced with a complex and dynamic business environment. Corosoft collaborates with our telecom clients to provide high performance solutions to the industry’s biggest challenges. Corosoft can introduce new business processes for faster new service roll-out and legacy transformation as well as reengineer existing, legacy systems to bring your telecoms business up to speed.

Corosoft’s wide expertise covers the full spectrum of business operations and processes. From service providers to equipment vendors, from full partnerships to single engagements, Corosoft can deliver world-class business process solutions and expertise with lower costs, assured quality, and speed in execution. With flexible customer-centric solutions and more than a decade of experience as a pioneer and leader in the IT services industry, Corosoft is the right partner for your business optimization needs. 

  • Business management consulting services
  • IT Operation planning services
  • Requirements development management platform
  • Structured requirements management and control platform
  • Professional testing services
  • Telecommunications industry-specific automatic testing tools

Mobile Solutions

Many areas of the world are seeing mobile connections outnumber fixed-line phone connections, and internet access from mobile phones exceeding internet access from PCs. Device manufacturers and network operators have changed strategy from being purely single facility service providers to total solution providers, complying with the industry trend of FMC (Fixed-Mobile Convergence), and becoming leading forces in the future of communication services around world. Corosoft works with both device manufacturers and network operators to bring you the best mobile solutions for both business consulting and software design.

  • The ability to deliver on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, HTML5 UI & UE design team
  • Development of a variety of solutions, including: Apps, Customized android systems, Driver debugging, Hardware control
  • A Team of more than 500 mobile app developers with domain expertise in market-leading technologies