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Travel & Transportation

Services Overview

Even during financial downturns, the aviation, travel, and transportation industry enjoys strong growth momentum given the ongoing trend toward globalization. Enterprises seeking new ways to compete regularly innovate IT solutions and service models that help drive global economic recovery.

In its quest for quality, cost control and critical technology skills, the Travel and Transportation industry is looking beyond borders for outsource partners.

Corosoft offers a broad spectrum of Travel and Transportation IT solutions that help enterprise clients innovate and achieve competitive advantages. In addition to client-dedicated Offshore Development Centers (ODCs), legacy application enhancement, migration and maintenance, Corosoft also delivers consulting, solution architecture, implementation, testing, deployment, maintenance, and support – from planning to design and implementation.

Our solutions help customers achieve efficient information relay and standardized management, simplify employee work procedures, improve work efficiency, enable more accurate decision-making for business leaders, and increase management process flexibility that ultimately improves enterprise core competitiveness.


Solutions& Competency Center:

  • ŸGeneral Aviation Customer Service Management System
  • Travel eCommerce Solution
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Logistics Decision Support Management System
  • Navitaire Competency Center
  • Consulting Services
  • IT Outsourcing Services
  • BPO: Aircraft Maintenance Services / Aircraft Data Collection

Flight Operation Control Product:

  • Movement Control System
  • Flight Planning System
  • Flight Tracking & Weather Services
  • Intelligent Flight Planning System
  • Navigation Information System
  • NOTAM Services System
  • Fleet Resources Management System
  • Flight Operation Restriction Platform
  • Ground Services Management System
  • Weight & Balance Management System
  • Flight Crew Management System
  • Cabin Crew Management System
  • Flight Route Planning System
  • Flight Schedule Management System
  • Dispatch Simulation Training System
  • Flight Operation Information Network
  • Maintenance & Engineering Information Platform
  • Online Pre-Flight Preparation System
  • Airport Management Information System

Management & Marketing Support:

  • Safety Management System
  • eCommerce Platform
  • Pricing Management System
  • Key Account Management System
  • Flight Billing System

Aviation Mobility Application Platform:

  • Mobile Flight Crew Preparation
  • Mobile Flight Deck
  • Mobile Cabin Crew Preparation
  • Mobile Cabin Services
  • Mobile Ground Services
  • Mobile Cargo
  • Mobile Maintenance
  • Mobile Dispatch

Flight Data Analysis:

  • QAR Data Collection System
  • Flight Data Warehouse System
  • Direct Operation Cost System
  • Flight Information Analysis System
  • Aircraft Performance Monitoring System
  • Flight Operation Quality Assurance System
  • Flight Movement Simulation System
  • Engine Condition Monitoring System